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       Wuhan Lunyu Company has been adhering to the "market-oriented, customer-centric" concept of development, in order to "unity, pragmatic, fight, innovation" for the purpose, constantly hard skills, at any time to provide the best quality products and services for the general customers!
       Company has long been a target, that is, to assist clients to build the most competitive information system, namely, help customers to the planning, construction and maintenance of network system with high performance, reliable network security construction, intelligent building systems, etc., and set a good reputation in the industry and has a good development;Company in a professional computer system integration, network and weak current integrated wiring, security monitoring, electronic equipment and medical equipment and so on various solutions, while also providing each big brand computers, network equipment, office equipment and other hardware for customer purchase choice.

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Tel: +86 134 7618 6895

Mailbox: sales@whlunyu.com

URL: http://www.whlunyu.com

Address: Room 709, building A, science and technology enterprise pioneer park, Zhongyi no.1, Jiangan district, Wuhan city, Hubei province

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