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    Wuhan Lunyu Information Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading system solution and IT service provider in central China, has long been striving to assist customers in establishing the most competitive information system, planning, constructing, and maintaining high-performance network systems, reliable information security, intelligent building systems, etc., and has established a good reputation in the industry and continued to develop well; The company has professional solutions in computer system integration, network and weak current engineering, security monitoring, multimedia broadcasting, teaching and recording micro courses, medical information systems, and other aspects. At the same time, it also provides comprehensive hardware options for customers to purchase from various brands of computers, network equipment, office equipment, and other hardware.
Lunyu Information adheres to the vision of "making the system more stable and intelligent, and making the business more concise and efficient". Through continuous summarization in practice, it has gradually accumulated profound business knowledge, leading technical service levels, and mature project management capabilities; At the same time, we focus on providing the lowest budget and optimal rationalization system solutions, covering various technical services such as testing and quality assurance, cloud and big data, mobile applications, system refactoring, architecture consulting, research and development, etc.

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Tel: 13476186895

Mailbox: 59248235@qq.com

Address: Small and Micro Enterprise Park, Zhongyi Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City

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